scale: 658 mm
weight: 1830 g
body length: 489 mm
nut: 52 mm
upper bout: 281 mm
waist: 241 mm
lower bout: 372 mm
depth: 99 mm
top thickness: 2.77 mm

action - 5th fret: 2.4 mm
action - 12th fret: 4.0 mm
neck size - 1st fret: 84 mm
neck size - 5th fret: 89 mm
natural resonance note: G#+
strings: Augustine, Regal Black (high treble, low bass tension)

top material: spruce
sides/back material: mahogany
neck material: nato
fretboard material: rosewood
bridge material: rosewood?

builder: Yamaha, made in Taiwan
model: G-231
serial no: 00429109
year built: 1980 (29 April)
original msrp: $155 ('80); ($423 in 2011 dollars)

download picture pack (5.3M)
info on specs

This was a mid-range basic Yamaha when it was built; there were a couple in the line below it and a few above it (not including the high-end hand made Yamahas). $155 in 1980 was not exactly cheap - note the current equivalent is over $400. It's a very attractive guitar, clean and well maintained. The neck is a little fatter than usual and the scale is the larger 658 mm so if you have small hands (wear a small size glove?), it might be difficult to play. But if this guitar fits, I'm pretty sure you'll be happy with the playability, sound and looks.

Very good condition. There are a few small divots on the top, a couple divots on the headstock, some minor scuffing on the back and a crack in the finish on the heel (see photo - it's only in the finish) but overall in very nice condition. The tuners work smoothly, the neck is straight - the guitar has been taken care of over its 31-year life. The sound is typical mid-range Yamaha - balanced, strong and smooth. With the Augustine Regals, it's a pleasure to play.

How it sounds