scale: 658 mm
weight: 1665 g
body length: 489 mm
nut: 52 mm
upper bout: 280 mm
waist: 241 mm
lower bout: 370 mm
depth: 100 mm
top thickness: 2.7 mm

action - 5th fret: 3.5 mm
action - 12th fret: 5.2 mm
neck size - 1st fret: 81 mm
neck size - 5th fret: 85 mm
natural resonance note: G/G#
strings: D’Addario Pro Arté normal tension,
silverplated wound clear nylon, EJ45

top material: spruce
sides/back material: ovangkol
neck material: nato
fretboard material: ?
bridge material: rosewood

builder: Yamaha, made in Taiwan
model: G-100A
serial no: 20902095
year built: 1972 (2 September)
original msrp: $99.50 ($537 in 2011 dollars)

download picture pack (2.4M)
info on specs

Not specifically a Nippon Gakki but from the same era. Built in Taiwan rather than Japan, it sounds very vintage Yamaha with the strong bass and nicely ringing trebles. It has the larger scale (658), the label that looks like a Nippon Gakki and the distinctive pagoda head.

Overall, it's in decent shape, on balance, probably slightly better than average for its age. There are some scratches on the back, some heavier scratches on the bottom, pick marks on the top and assorted other nicks and dings. The finish has cracked in some areas at the edge of the banding on the sides. The tuners appear to be the originals of the era; they're smooth and firm - not tight but not loose either. The neck appears straight and well attached with some very minor finish cracking where it attaches to the body. The fretboard has definitely seen some wear and although nicely playable as is, would benefit with some fret work. The neck has some nicks and dings as does the head. The action is a little high but it's still pretty easy to play and the saddle has some room for trimming.


How it sounds