scale: 658 mm
weight: 1630 g
body length: 485 mm
nut: 50 mm
upper bout: 288 mm
waist: 242 mm
lower bout: 376 mm
depth: 98 mm
top thickness: 2.8 mm

action - 5th fret: 2.0 mm
action - 12th fret: 3.6 mm
neck size - 1st fret: 77 mm
neck size - 5th fret: 81 mm
natural resonance note: G#/A
strings: D’Addario Pro Arté normal tension,
silverplated wound clear nylon, EJ45-nearly new

top material: spruce?
sides/back material: rosewood?
neck material: mahogany?
fretboard material: mahogany?
bridge material: eh, whatever

builder: who knows, believe to be Japanese-built
model: not available
serial no: nada
years built: guessing late 60s or 70s
original msrp: priceless

download picture pack (6.8M)
info on specs

I have no idea what brand of guitar this is. I've done some research and it sorta looks, alternatively, like an Aria, a Ventura, Harmony, Yairi or some other Japanese-built guitar of the late 60s or early 70s but have been unable to definitively say, yes, it's a "whatever." The 658 scale should be some clue, but not enough to narrow the choices.

The materials listed above are guesses. Even after doing woodworking for however many years, I will not venture a definitive opinion on wood species.

This is a decent quality guitar. It's definitely not the bottom of the barrel sort of thing. It's got decent sustain and a fairly boomy bassiness. The treble is a little wimpy, but all in all, it's not bad. It seems very 70s Yamaha-like but without the ringing trebles.

This is a great beginner guitar. Or, more accurately, a great gonna-see-if-I-really-want-to-play-classical guitar. Why? Because it has a better than average sound for a low-end instrument, it's in pretty good shape and it's probably gonna sell for under $90, shipped. And the neck is a little smaller than normal making fretting just a wee bit easier.

Typical minor dings, some very minor banding separation (in one of the photos) and it could use some fretwork but overall better than average for its (estimated) age. The action is pretty good although there's some buziness occasionally, on the 4th and 5th strings, that reminds you to fret carefully. The finish is in pretty good shape but certainly not new.

How it sounds