scale: 620 mm
weight: 1425 g
body length: 483 mm
nut: 50 mm
upper bout: 285 mm
waist: 247 mm
lower bout: 360 mm
depth: 96 mm
top thickness: 2.9 mm

action - 5th fret: 3.2 mm
action - 12th fret: 4.3 mm
neck size - 1st fret: 79 mm
neck size - 5th fret: 84 mm
natural resonance note: B
strings: D’Addario Pro Arté normal tension,
silverplated wound clear nylon, EJ45

top material: spruce
sides/back material: mahogany
neck material: mahogany
fretboard material: rosewood
bridge material: rosewood

builder: Hofner, made in Germany
model: 514H (not 100% sure)
serial no: NA
year built: 1968 (not 100% sure)
original msrp: $99.50 -assuming it's a 514H ($645 in 2011 dollars)

download picture pack (4.1M)
info on specs

I've spent way too much time trying to find out what model this is but still don't know for sure. It seems the most similar to the 514H but...I can't find any evidence that the 514H has a shorter than normal scale except for the total length mentioned in the Hofner catalog. And some of the specs don't match the info on the vintage Hofner site. The date is based on the number written on the inside of the top - my best guess is '68 (for 1968). The materials specified above are assuming it's a 514 and are from one of the Hofner catalogs.

The shorter scale makes this guitar a little easier to play for someone with smaller hands. But the smaller size also gives it a unique tone. It does not have the boomy bass of larger guitars but rather is more in the ukelele direction...kinda like a gukelele. The natural resonance note, being around a B, confirms the lack of bassiness. If you're looking for a typical-sounding guitar, this isn't it. If you're looking for a bit different sound, this could do it.

Overall a little better than average condition. It's got the typical dings, dents and scuffs of a 40+ yr old guitar. The finish is crazed in some areas. The tuners are a bit stiff in operation and a couple of them are slightly bent. The neck appears straight and well attached. The frets are in decent shape but do show some wear.



How it sounds