scale: 642 mm
weight: 1485 g
body length: 481 mm
nut: 50 mm
upper bout: 273 mm
waist: 238 mm
lower bout: 375 mm
depth: 97 mm
top thickness: 3.35 mm

action - 5th fret: 2.0 mm
action - 12th fret: 3.5 mm
neck size - 1st fret: 80 mm
neck size - 5th fret: 85 mm
natural resonance note: /A
strings: Savarez, Cristal rouge, 570CR

top material: solid spruce
sides/back material: solid mahogany
neck material: mahogany
fretboard material: ebony?
bridge material: rosewood

builder: Harmony, made in USA
model: 174
serial no: na
years built: 1964 (June)
original msrp: $85 ('62); $95 ('67); ($639 in 2011 dollars)

info on specs

This is a beautiful guitar, both condition and build. The condition is amazing considering that it's closing in on 50 years old - it was very well taken care of. And after cleaning and polishing it came into its own. Nice, very nice. And the sound and feel are appropriate for a solid body guitar.

The tuners appear to be the originals and probably where Harmony cut costs - they could use an upgrade (as they work OK but are not as smooth as they should be) to match the rest of the guitar. The ornamentation is very simple and the head is the epitome of simplicity but then there's the binding - it's got a tortoise shell look to it but you have to look closely. It's almost as if Harmony was trying to disguise a special guitar as something ordinary. This was the top-of-the-line Harmony classical of the mid-60s.

The scale, at 642 mm, is a little shorter than the typical 650 making it just a touch easier to play for those with smaller hands and/or shorter fingers.

Some pick marks, some belt buckle dings in the back and there are some other minor dings but overall, very good. The neck looks great, the action is good, the frets could use a little work but it's very nicely playable as is. This is the way guitars are supposed to be built. And, for what it's worth, it was made in the USA.